Hussein McMahon Correspondence

The Hussein-McMahon Correspondence (1915-1916) was a series of letters exchanged between the British High Commissioner in Egypt, Sir Henry McMahon, and Hussein bin Ali, the Sharif of Mecca, in which Britain promised support for an independent Arab state in exchange for an Arab uprising against the Ottoman Empire, aiming to weaken the Ottomans during World […]

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Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire was a multi-ethnic, multi-religious empire with a central government lead by the Sultan in Constantinople (now Istanbul, Turkey). It had been in existence for 600 years, and at its zenith occupied most of the Middle East, much of south eastern Europe, most of North Africa, and extended well into Asia. The Sultan […]

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Plan Dalet

Plan Dalet was a strategic military blueprint devised by the Haganah in 1948, explicitly incorporating the forced expulsion of Palestinian communities to secure territorial control for the emerging state of Israel. “On a cold Wednesday afternoon, 10 March 1948, a group of eleven men, veteran Zionist leaders together with young military Jewish officers, put the […]

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“The white commonsense view on racial matters is that racists are few and far between, that discrimination has all but disappeared since the 1960s, and that most whites are color-blind. This new common sense is ultimately false.” Eduardo Bonilla Silva, Racism Without Racists I cried when Obama was elected. I’m one of those (mostly white) […]

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What is racism?

“Much of the racial stupidity we encounter in everyday life derives from the fact that people think of racism as individual prejudice rather than a broader system and structure of power” Dr. Crystal Fleming Most of us white people don’t understand what racism is. We think of it more in terms of racists than of […]

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