1948 – Al-Dawayima Massacre

Massacre Perpetrator: Israel

Israeli troops murder children first, rape women, and then burn men and women alive in the village of Al-Dawayima.

In the brutal Al-Dawayima Massacre of October 29, 1948, Israeli troops, comprising mainly Irgun and Lehi members, launched a merciless attack on the Palestinian village of Al-Dawayima. Without warning, they began their onslaught, first targeting children with unspeakable cruelty. The soldiers’ actions, detailed in a letter published in Haaretz, revealed a chilling methodology: they fractured children’s heads with sticks, leaving no house without corpses. The horror escalated as they trapped men and women in houses, denying them food and water before blowing up the buildings with the civilians still inside.

The brutality of the Israeli soldiers extended to sadistic acts against Arab women, with reports of rape and murder. These crimes, committed by supposedly educated and well-mannered commanders, represented a deliberate strategy of expulsion and extermination. The United Nations, blocked initially by the Israeli Defense Force, eventually gained access to the smoldering village, only to discover the stench of burning flesh and evidence of a massacre. This heinous act at Al-Dawayima, meticulously documented and yet denied by Israeli authorities, stands as a harrowing testament to the violence and inhumanity of the Nakba, forever scarring the collective memory of the Palestinian people. […]

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1967 – Six Day War


The 1967 Six-Day War, a pivotal event in Middle Eastern history, began on June 5, 1967, when Israel launched a preemptive strike against Egypt. This action marked Israel’s assertive entry into the conflict, driven by mounting tensions and threats from surrounding Arab nations, particularly Egypt, Syria, and Jordan. Israel’s government, perceiving a looming threat from […]

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1967 – War of Attrition


Stalemate of Hostilities: The 1967-1970 War of Attrition between Israel and Egypt

The War of Attrition (1967-1970) between Israel and Arab states, primarily Egypt, followed the 1967 Six-Day War. It involved artillery duels, small-scale incursions, and escalated to more intensive conflicts along the Suez Canal. Egyptian President Nasser initiated the war to compel Israel to withdraw from Sinai, with hostilities including large-scale shelling, aerial warfare, and commando […]

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2023 – Israeli Snipers kill Christian Women at Catholic Church

Massacre Perpetrator: Israel

Israeli Forces Kill Christian Mother & Daughter in ‘Cold Blood’ Inside Gaza Church

On Saturday, Israeli snipers killed two Palestinian Christian women – an elderly mother and her daughter – at the Holy Family Church in Gaza’s Al-Zaytoun neighborhood. The incident occurred as Nahida Khalil Boulos Anton and her daughter Samar Kamal Anton were walking to the Sister’s Convent within the church compound, where approximately 600 displaced people, mostly Palestinian Christians, had sought refuge from ongoing bombardment.

Israeli tanks, having surrounded the Catholic parish, opened fire on those moving within its courtyard, as reported by Wafa news agency and the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem. This attack resulted in the deaths of Nahida and Samar, with seven other individuals injured while attempting to shield others inside the church.

The Latin Patriarchate condemned these actions, emphasizing that the shootings were unprovoked and executed in cold blood. The statement highlighted the absence of any militants in the church premises, undermining any justification for the attack. […]

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2023 IDF Soldiers Kill Three Israeli Hostages in Gaza


Three hostages, presumed to have escaped or been abandoned by Hamas, had a white flag with them when they were killed Friday.

Three Israeli hostages were in Gaza by Israeli forces. The hostages were shirtless and one of them was holding up a white flag, according to an initial inquiry into the incident, a military official has said. The hostages had apparently escaped and were trying to signal to the Israeli troops who they were. A soldier […]

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Drone footage raises questions about Israeli justification for deadly strike on Gaza journalists


From the Washington Post

On January 7th, an Israeli military missile strike targeted a car carrying four Palestinian journalists outside Khan Younis, in southern Gaza, killing two members of an Al Jazeera crew, Hamza Dahdouh and Mustafa Thuraya, along with their driver, and seriously wounding two freelance journalists. They were returning from documenting the aftermath of an earlier Israeli […]

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